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Posted by on May 18, 2019 in Consulting | 0 comments

The Free Consulting Problem, Part II

The Free Consulting Problem, Part II

In a previous post I left an issue hanging, and true to form left it hanging about a month (maybe more).* I meant to just hyperlink it, but WP does this trick now where you get a whole block preview of it, like this:

And to quote myself on that issue to save you from going back and reading it (although you really ought to, it’s pretty good), I said:

I’ll give you my thoughts on how the proposal should promise resolution and define the methods, NOT be a fleshed-out plan.

G. Smith, consultant

So here’s the thing: knowledge work, or proposing to write a plan of action and/or organize work on someone else’s benefit for a valuable result, is a bit different than, say, offering to pour someone a new driveway. The person who pours driveways for a living comes out, looks at the driveway, scratches his or her head, hopefully writes some things down, goes back to his or her truck, Miata, Dodge Viper, or the like, and either writes a proposal on the spot or goes back to an office and writes one up.

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