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Gary SmithThe Rough Draft of Consulting

Work: Nectar Bridge – My consulting firm which helps businesses make money while following ethical principles and best practices.  I’m currently working with a few clients and would love to have 2-3 more.

My LinkedIn Profile – probably the best way to find out about my work life. I accept connection requests from most real people who aren’t overtly trying to sell me something without adding value or at least offering to buy me coffee next time they’re in town.

My Facebook Profile – I tend to add only people I know in real life, or have a prior connection with on the internet.

My personal life:

  • Spirituality – Christian. A conservative free-thinker, which pretty much frustrates and confuses everyone.
  • Family – One wife, two sons, currently in college.
  • Music – I play clarinet, saxophone, and flute well enough to get paid sometimes, and I own a guitar (actually, 3). I consider myself a strong amateur player on woodwinds. I played in the Montgomery Symphony about 10 years (now sort of an on-call alternate, and have played various gigs here and there as well). I currently play with the Montgomery Recreators dance band and a woodwind trio in Auburn.
  • Rotary Club – I’m a member of the Sunset Rotary Club in Montgomery, AL. We do good stuff locally and also send money to Rotary International, which is working to end polio and to help people in developing countries with things we take for granted, like drinking water and housing.