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Posted by on Sep 20, 2011 in Real Life | 0 comments

Leadership Autauga Retreat

Tonight we’re in Auburn, having wrapped up the first day of the Leadership Autauga Retreat. Or should I say night. The group got here in time to check in and get dinner, followed by some team-building exercises by Keith Duck which served to break the ice. Grown-ups don’t get enough chances to do silly things to really get to know each other, and Keith does a great job of bringing the ideas, the props, and the enthusiasm which gets everyone on a first-name basis in a matter of hours.

And then I had to take over and do left-brain stuff – we did a quick overview of LA’s history and purpose, followed by a brief brain-storming session about potential projects.

We’ll hit it again tomorrow with some discussion about leadership and personality traits, led by Kimmie Ellis.

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Posted by on Jul 22, 2008 in Current Events, Local, Music, Real Life | 0 comments

AU Knights reunion this weekend

The Auburn Knights will have their annual reunion this weekend. Montgomery Advertiser story.

I like to think that in some parallel universe I got to play with the Auburn Knights as a regular band member, but truthfully I went to AUM and anyway I was probably never that good. However, I was asked to play in the ’30s reunion band some years ago by Charlie Higgins, known to the Auburn faithful as both the irresistable force AND the immovable object behind the AKAA reunion. Starting last year, I was fortunate enough to be asked to play in the ’90s reunion band. My spot in the ’90s band is provisional, year to year, and dependent on my continuing to pay those alumni bari sax players to stay away whether or not alumni want to participate, but they know I’ll always jump at the chance.

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Posted by on Oct 6, 2007 in Local, Real Life | 0 comments

A few things that happened when I wasn’t blogging

In a recent post, I caught myself griping about my schedule. What is particularly ugly about that is one of the things I included in that list of “things I gotta do” ended up with me getting to go to an Auburn University football game. In the skyboxes.  Auburn v. New Mexico State, you say? Regardless, the first half was very exciting, more so than the final lopsided score would indicate. My friend who had tickets also had a parking pass that allowed us to park less than one city block from the door we used to get into the stadium.

Any time you can get parking that close, you should go, regardless of your interest in the event.

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